What is a radiologist?

Your imaging exam was interpreted by a board-certified physician with training in Diagnostic/Interventional Radiology. This training represents 10 years or more of post-graduate education and many more years of clinical practice experience. ( meet the team)


Why did I receive a radiology bill?

You are receiving a bill from Radiology Associates, L.L.C. because a medical imaging exam was performed at the request of your physician.

A report of your imaging findings was sent to the referring physician.

  • The total cost of many medical services may be comprised of two separate fees. Your bill from the hospital or clinic may include a separate charge for the use of its equipment, supplies, and technical personnel.
  • You may also receive bills from other physicians or clinical providers who were involved in your care if you were a patient in a hospital or clinic.

The balance due on this statement represents your payment responsibility, after insurance.

    There are three ways to pay your bill:
  1. Pay Online securely at
  2. Pay by Phone at (866) 599-5939.
  3. Pay by Check and mail the address shown on the statement.